Pure Essential and Fragrant Oils - Definitions and Differences in an Environmentally Conscious World

What is a pure essential oil? It is a liquid present in tiny droplets or sacs in different parts of the plant. It also gives the plant its flavour as well as attracting pollinating insects, repelling predators and helping to protect from disease.<br> <br> Essential oils are highly fragrant and concentrated plant compounds. They are made up of numerous organic molecules and a large number of substances such as alcohols, esters, hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, phenols and acids. These compounds are extracted from various plants- the roots, leaves, flowers, resin, bark and even fruit peel. The process of obtaining the oil differs with the fragrance type produced. However steam distillation is the most common form of extraction.<br> <br> Essential oils not only benefit plants, but they also benefit people. For this reason, they have prized by man for many centuries.<br> <br> Furthermore, one of the greatest rewards of essential oils is that they can be used simply, safely and effectively in the home. They can enable us to feel more in control of our life and self-sufficient by using them daily. We can also feel more akin to nature.<br> <br> Through aromatherapy and the use of essential oils we can enhance our every day existence in a simple manner with their many different uses. These include household cleaning, massage blends and perfumes.<br> <br> Fragrant oils differ from essential oils in that, although some contain a certain amount of essential oil, they are chiefly made up of synthetic material. Essential oils are pure plant extracts that are extracted from one particular variety of plant whereas fragrant oils are synthetic blends of extracts from various sources.<br> <br> As a result, because fragrant oils are not pure plant compounds, they don't have the health enhancing or true therapeutic properties of pure essential oils nor are they antibacterial, as they lack the purity of essential oils. However, although not of true aroma therapeutic value, they can be considered therapeutic like many aromas, if they alter how you feel in a pleasurable way. Fragrant oils are often more stable and complex than essential oils (essential oils are naturally very volatile), allowing them to create a longer- lasting scent.<br> <br> These oils are also more affordable, unlike some essential oils which can be very expensive because of the amount of raw material required to make a small amount, availability, and the processing method. For example, about five tonnes of roses are needed to obtain 1 kg of pure essential Rose oil. Also the manufacturer does not depend on the production of various plant essences that is, by definition, variable and seasonal. Thus the availability of material is practically guaranteed the whole year round.<br> <br> Interestingly, the chemical synthesis allows the replication of any existing scent, allowing an enormous variety for the user to choose from.<br> <br> These oils are commonly used in scenting potpourri, candles, incense, sachets, soaps and artificial floral arrangements. They can also be used very simply in room sprays and diffusers to enhance the home with wonderful, long-lasting aromas.<br> <br> Today with rapid technological innovation, nature's boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. Many of the world's natural resources are being recognised as finite. We realize that man has to adapt and improvise; not only in order to survive but also to preserve our planets precious resources.<br> <br> Hence, on an environmental note, man has moved into creating synthetic scents as certain raw natural materials over the years have become depleted and consequently more expensive. For example, the over harvesting of sandalwood trees and the depletion of rosewood from the Amazonian rain forest has been very damaging environmentally.<br> <br> In this sense, the use of synthetic fragrant oils has a rightful place in the modern, oleo essencial de lavanda - http://aquiacontece.com.br/noticia/brasil-mundo/17/09/2019/os-melhores-oleos-essenciais-para-ansiedade-conheca-sua-essencia/145180 environmentally conscious world.<br> <br> Scent is at the very core of human existence. It affects how we eat, feel and think. Through the pleasurable and careful use of both synthetic and natural aromatic oils, we can benefit, not only from what nature has to offer but also man's mindfulness and ingenuity.