7 Top Favorite Tips in QuickBooks

Tip #1: quickbooks help for error code 80029c4a - https://www.quick-accounting-book-pro-help-support.com/quickbooks-error-80029c4a.php has a hidden calculator: Want to summarize a bunch of numbers? In the check register, invoice, bill or anywhere you are going to input an amount: start adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing by hitting the plus key (+) enter the amount then plus/minus/multiply/divide key again, the next amount and so on. I have added a long list of numbers this way; however, it is not like Excel where you can see the formula in the cell. Once you hit tab you just see the result. Hint: make sure you put the numbers in correctly!<br> <br> Tip#2: Utilize QuickBooks' memory by customizing preferences: Go to edit/preferences/general/my preferences; on this screen you can tell the program how you want to work. My favorite is "Automatically recall account or transaction information". Selecting this and one of the other options allows you to work more quickly during data input. For example, if you select "pre-fill accounts for vendor based on past entries" the account will automatically fill in for each vendor with a prior history. My favorite is "automatically recall last transaction for this name" because it even remembers the amount! Hint (Requires single user mode)<br> <br> Tip#3: Customize the toolbar by right clicking on any one of the icons such as vendor center; "customize toolbar" will come up and a list of what is available comes up. Here you can add, remove and reorder icons to customize the program to fit your needs. Selecting "show icons only" is also an option on the toolbar.<br> <br> Tip#4: Try changing the date in a transaction by selecting the date and hitting the plus (+) or minus key (-). The date will advance forward or backwards by one day.<br> <br> Tip#5: another favorite is memorized transactions; you can create a bill, check, invoice and reports, etc that the program will automatically create. This is done by creating the transaction you want to memorize. Hold down the Ctrl key and the letter "M" and the memorize transaction box will appear and you can set preferences here; bonus tip: if you have a recurring transaction with the same amount each time, you can set it up to be created automatically.<br> <br> Tip#6: I like to multitask; on the menu bar select "view/open window list" to see what you are working on or what reports/registers, etc are already open. You can go back and forth between creating an invoice or back to the customer center, etc. You can also access this list by selecting window above the menu bar to see what is open.<br> <br> Tip #7: Some Shortcuts; at the home screen holding down Ctrl key and "r" will bring up registers; In the Chart of Accounts holding down Ctrl and "n" will bring up the box to create a new account; Ctrl +" d" will delete a transaction; Ctrl +"del" will delete a line in a transaction.