MISER - A Social Satire

I had the money<br> <br> To buy aplenty<br> <br> And I did spend<br> <br> On buying gold<br> <br> For the temple deity.<br> <br> Prayed, I diligently<br> <br> Every morning of<br> <br> Every day,<br> <br> Even my night<br> <br> Ended in prayers<br> <br> To the almighty.<br> <br> I spent lavishly<br> <br> On incense,<br> <br> To get the best<br> <br> Fragrance ~<br> <br> For my favourite<br> <br> Gods - Rama, Sad Shayari Images - https://shayari.prolifestyleo.com/ Krishna<br> <br> And Sai Baba.<br> <br> I made sure the<br> <br> Purohits had<br> <br> Enough booty<br> <br> From my share of wealth<br> <br> To perform<br> <br> All the holy functions<br> <br> Impeccably without<br> <br> Any dearth of<br> <br> Religious amenities<br> <br> So that I and my family<br> <br> Are blessed by the<br> <br> Holy trinity of<br> <br> Om Shivai Namaha,<br> <br> Vishnu and Brahma.<br> <br> And yet after spending<br> <br> So much on so many<br> <br> Candles, sweets, savouries<br> <br> And garlands of flowers<br> <br> In their beautiful bounty,<br> <br> I understand not<br> <br> Why people still call me<br> <br> A Miser,<br> <br> When I tell them that my money<br> <br> Is for the good, noble cause of<br> <br> Sanctity, upholding the<br> <br> Sanctum sanctorum of the<br> <br> Temple deity,<br> <br> And not squandering<br> <br> On giving alms to<br> <br> Beggars and lepers<br> <br> Who line the streets<br> <br> Anticipating my pity.<br> <br> I, a miser?<br> <br> God Almighty<br> <br> I gift you so much<br> <br> Out of love, affection<br> <br> And duty.<br> <br> They misunderstand me,<br> <br> Don't they?<br> <br> For they call me a miser<br> <br> As I feed you instead of<br> <br> The hungry souls staring<br> <br> At me with hunger, poverty<br> <br> And depravity...<br> <br> But then, for me,<br> <br> Religion comes first<br> <br> So does the opulence<br> <br> In religious duty.<br> <br> Hence, I please you<br> <br> Almighty, with all the<br> <br> Frills and fills of<br> <br> Sumptuous feasts and<br> <br> Social elaborations of<br> <br> Kali Pooja, Durga Pooja,<br> <br> Ganesha Chaturthi, Dussehra<br> <br> And Diwali, not to mention<br> <br> My very own home worship<br> <br> Of the goddess of wealth<br> <br> And prosperity - Lakshmi Pooja<br> <br> Yet, they say I'm a miser?<br> <br> Can they not see how lavishly<br> <br> I spend to please thee...<br> <br> O God Almighty,<br> <br> Are they blind?<br> <br> Give them some vision<br> <br> So that they can see some<br> <br> Clarity in my charity that I do<br> <br> To appease the purohits -<br> <br> So that they take good care of you<br> <br> And in turn, I'm taken care by you.<br> <br> The lepers and the beggars,<br> <br> May they suffer their Karma<br> <br> Let them go bothering others<br> <br> But not me - as I'm with thee.<br> <br> In your esteemed comradeship,<br> <br> I'm above and beyond them.<br> <br> Let me not stoop below to uplift them<br> <br> Lest I fall and slip on the very floor<br> <br> They are on, and in the process,<br> <br> Lose thee, O God Almighty.<br> <br> Me, a miser?<br> <br> Let them say<br> <br> And call me such<br> <br> Miserable names.<br> <br> I, once and for all,<br> <br> Will always...<br> <br> Classify myself<br> <br> As an ardent devotee.<br> <br> Copyright &copy; Aparna Chatterjee 2010